Welcome To OVCS

Founded and Incorporated July 20, 1976

Providing Positive Behavior Supports to Developmentally Disabled People. 

Ozark Valleys Community Services, Inc.,  Also known as "OVCS" is a non profit provider located in Ironton, MO. OVCS provides person centered supports for people with disabilities.  OVCS actively participates in Tiered Supports which provides a system to support positive practices for improved services. OVCS has been recognized at the state level for accomplishments in our residential services and business practices. OVCS offers a wide range of supports. We have twenty-four hour Supervised Living, Supported Living, Personal Assistance, ISD, Community Employment and Transportation Services. We have a fleet of vehicles to accommodate the services we provide.  Attic Treasures located at 143, South Main Street in Ironton is our resale shop. The store is ran on donations from community members.  The store provides on the job work experience in many areas to promote successful employment opportunities for Individuals.


Our Executive Director:

Holly Turner has been with our agency since December Of 1995. Holly has served as an advocate for staff and Individuals. She has promoted and demonstrated the Mission and Values of OVCS  over the span of her career. Holly has worked in every department throughout the years.  She started out in December of 1995 working part-time as a Direct Care Professional in the ISL. From there she became the Transportation Coordinator and  Scheduling Coordinator for the both departments. During this time she helped out with Employment Services, Job Coaching, and Off-site Day Hab, gaining knowledge whenever the opportunity was available.  Holly was eventually appointed as the Program Manager.  When the position of Executive Director became available March of 2017, Holly was proud to accept the position.   Along with the responsibilities of Executive Director,  Holly serves as our Human Resource Manager and HIPAA Security Officer among many other roles in the agency.  She provides guidance and support to other management positions. Holly takes an active role in the day to day lives of the Individuals providing supports as needed.  Holly reports directly to the OVCS Board of Directors. 

Our Business Manager:

Mallissa Newstead has been with our agency since May Of 2013. Mallissa has proven to be a huge asset to OVCS. She is an active part of the Administrative Team. Mallissa  promotes the OVCS mission and values as a valued Team Member. Mallissa not only serves as our Business Manager, she supports the Individuals in the role of the Entitlement Clerk, managing their financial needs.  She provides budgeting assistance as needed while working closely with Guardians, Support Coordinators and RRO to provide for the Individuals needs. Mallissa manages payroll for staff and Individuals, creates the agency financial reports and makes sure all income and expenses are handled accordingly. Mallissa recently became a certified CPR/First Aid Instructor to provide training to our staff.

Our Program Manager:

Madieth Russell has been with our agency since September of 2004. Madieth started working as a Direct Care Professional in the ISL's. She became Team Lead which eventually led to becoming an DCP in the Offsite program.  Madieth eventually became the coordinator over the Offsite program. When the position of Program Manager became available, Madieth was a perfect fit. She has demonstrated and honored OVCS mission and values in all she does. Madieth became our TOOLS of Choice trainer, training all employees on positive behavior supports. She has worked with Individuals in crisis with confidence and coached employees in behavior supports. Madieth is a certified CPR/First Aid Instructor, providing training to our staff.  Madieth is a fundamental part of Tiered Supports. She works closely with supporting agencies and guardians to ensure the Individual Support Plans are providing the goals and implementation strategies to give the best quality of life possible. 

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