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Individualized Supported Living is funded through the Department of Mental Health. ISL offers a way to provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities requiring a high level of support for independent living. If an individual receives this funding, it covers all aspects of 24/7 support.


Community Living staff supports ISL Individuals in their home. This could range anywhere from a two-person ISL up to four-person ISL. With the help of TCM, an Individualized Support Plan is put in place. The plan focuses on areas that need support. Goals are set and implementation strategies are put in place.


      Money Management
    Writing Checks

Paying Bills
 Nutrition and Cooking
    Planning a Menu
    Preparing Meals
    Comparing Prices
    Purchasing Items in the Community
 Being Safe and Healthy
     Taking Medications
     Scheduling Medical Appointments

Prescription Refilling
     Household Cleaning
 Accessing Educational, Leisure and Recreational Activities and
 Personal Care

This is just a few of the many supports OVCS provides.

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