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OVCS Board Of Directors

Ozark Valley's Community Services, Inc. (OVCS) is governed by a Board Of Directors.

Holly Turner, Executive Director meets with the board monthly to evaluate the effectiveness, structure and financial responsibilities of the agency.  The Board votes for any significant changes to the agency structure and finances. 


   The Board is currently made up of seven (7) community members volunteering their     time:

                 Dennis McCarty, President

                 Mark Natale, Vice President

                 Janet Wharton, Secretary

                Dennis Trowbridge, Treasurer

                Stephanie Hintz, Member

                David Dillard, Member

                Laura Laramore, Member

We are very fortunate to have a group that brings incredible talents to form a very effective board. Our board has the wellbeing of the Individuals first and foremost.  They value and respect our employees allowing OVCS to full fill our Mission, Vision and Values.  







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